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ID-Cooling is made up from a few veterans in the PC world and was officially announced in 2013. ID-COOLINGs mother company has been a provider of cooling solutions for motherboards and VGA cards for over 10 years. ID-COOLING is well known for its strict quality control, innovation and fast service. Over the years ID-COOLNIG has developed many new cooling technologies such as heatpipes, vapor chambers and cold plate technology.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their newest products which is from their case range and goes by the name of the T60-SFX. The T60-SFX is designed for mini-ITX motherboards but also features support for VGA cards to make sure gamers can make the most of it. It comes included with one 92mm fan to help with ventilation and its unique design also allows for a good amount of ventilation through the numerous vent areas around the case.

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