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Closer Look: Exterior

Just looking at the exterior shows the calibre of product and the RM1 is absolutely stunning by all accounts. The solid and pretty seamless aluminium panelling covers the entirety of the chassis throughout and coming in at a tiny size; it’s surely perfect for a HTPC or a small pocket rocket desktop build. The RM1 might not come with a window to show off any of the interior, but it might be a good thing considering the size of the hardware which can fit inside; cramped can sometimes look messy if not done properly.

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 1

The only aesthetic difference between the 2 sides of the case is the small ventilation strip and of course, that one panel can be removed for installation of your system; the panel is held in with 4 x small screws.

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 3

Here is an image with the side panel off just so you can see the method involved.

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 8

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 9

On the front, we have the I/O which includes the usual suspects such as 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 2 x 3.5mm front panel audio jacks (mic and headphone) and of course, a reset and power switch. Very stylish looking which fits in nice with the general look of the case.

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 2

To signify the use of ATX sized motherboards, the RM1 features 6 x PCI slots with a nice and tidy PCI locking mechanism. Full size ATX power supplies are also supported so not having to worry about the overpriced SFF ATX power supplies is surely a plus point!

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 4

Although the RM1 is small and compact which is obviously going to have an effect on airflow, the underneath panel has plenty of ventilation available; more than any section of the entire case! In addition to this, the Cooltek RM1 (Jonsbo) has 4 x rubber ended case feet which not only raise the RM1 from your chosen surface to entice air flow, but of course provides protection to the gorgeous finish from scratches.

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 5

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 6

Last but not least, we have a nifty little toggle switch fan controller which allows fans installed to be set at 3 different settings; low, standard or high. Might not be a huge feature, but it is surely to be welcomed by users.

Jonsbo RM1 Exterior 7


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