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Closer Look: Interior

In all honesty, there isn’t much going on with the interior other than pure ingenious compacting of the internal design. The front section of the case houses a basic 120mm fan with a removable, but essential front fan bracket. All the usual cables are featured such as front panel USB 3.0, front panel audio to motherboard header, power and reset switch cables; also included is adapters for the connectors in the small box of accessories which also contains screws and motherboard stand offs etc.

Jonsbo RM1 Interior 1

Jonsbo RM1 Interior 2

There are 6 PCI blanking plates which are of course removable and with the case being ATX form factor, full size ATX boards are compatible inside; m-ATX remains the best option in our opinion due to the hassle of removing the ODD bay when installing an ATX board inside.

Jonsbo RM1 Interior 3

Space inside has been well managed and although we believe this to be one of the smartest ATX mini towers currently available, with powerful hardware inside it is bound to get a little tight and could potentially choke high end components of air; 1 x 120mm fan is hardly enough for a massive array of components such as SLI or CF graphics cards configurations.

Jonsbo RM1 Interior 4

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