[section_title title=”Closer Look – Exterior Cont.”]Closer Look – Exterior Cont.

On the front of the Lian Li PC-A61 chassis, or to be more exact the bottom, we have a silver aluminium Lian Li logo which contrasts nicely against the black chassis; really elegant if you ask me!

Taking a look at the rest of the front panel (which is also removable), there are 4 x 5.25″ drive bay covers with the top one being designed for a DVD-RW/Blu-Ray drive and although most brands use plastic, these are full aluminium as you would expect on a case like a Lian Li; I’m starting to see why Lian Li are very popular!

With this being the non windowed version, the “other” side of the case features the same side panel design as the “main” side of the case.  This effectively means no matter which way you have your case, both sides will look exactly the same; I love uniformity on cases, I really do.

The PC-A61 comes installed with 4 x aluminium feet with rubber inserts to ensure the chassis doesn’t get damaged or scratched from your desk or visa versa; I would personally prefer to keep the case scratch free but that is just me!  It also has a very nice contrast against the black anodised finish.

Here we can see the feet underneath and also the included PSU fan filter cover to stop dust getting into which ever power supply you have as your weapon of choice.  The aluminium finish is also very shiny as you can see in the image and it is also worth noting that the fan filter can be removed and washed at your own personal desire.

Last but not least, we have the rear section of the Lian Li PC-A61 chassis.  The case features 7 x PCI slots with 2 x rubber grommets above the included aluminium fan grill (120mm).  The chassis also comes pre-installed with a 120mm fan on the rear which acts as an exhaust and the entire back panel has an aluminium finish to die for; pure class and elegance on display here.

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