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So now we are the end of the review and the Lian Li PC-A61 has been on my desk for the best part of a week, it has been tested and have had my keen eye all over it.  Is this a prime example of a “premium” case with its full aluminium demeanour or is it simply too “extravagant”?  Well you are about to find out…

Starting off with the performance of the PC-A61, I was pleasantly surprised by how “cool” the case is given the overall layout; it works really well and the 2 x 120mm intake fans on the front certainly do their job.  Also included is another 120mm fan on the rear which seems to work well with the general thermodynamic setting of the case; there are optional spaces for fans in the top as an exhaust but we opted out of installing any more than the pre-equipped stock fans.  Since our switch to testing cases with Corsairs H80i (when it fits), we had a graph refresh but looking at the current ones, it has a strong position in all four of the thermal tests; the best results being in the idle tests.  In the overclocked tests, it had solid performance too keeping ahead of the Aerocool DS200 marginally.

Design wise the PC-A61 has the typical Lian Li elegant and stylish appearance; with smooth lines and impeccable quality.  I personally love the exterior and although I have never been a fan of “bare” aluminium interiors, this case has certainly left me pondering what I was thinking all of this time!  The PC-A61 has some pretty nifty features including removable HDD trays, a large cut-out in the motherboard try for installing coolers without the need to remove the motherboard and even the feet; they are premium quality!

Included in the design of the Lian Li PC-A61, is the included water cooling support which will certainly please end users and enthusiasts who want to add better cooling performance to their fine taste in cases.  With support for up to 280mm radiators in the top and 360mm in the front (bays need to come out), there is certainly enough to keep even the most powerful of systems cool.

Other note-worthy detailed features include the PCI blanking plates which are absolutely sublime and to be fair, I have fallen with this case; it is truly remarkable.  If I had to make any changes to the design, I would of course have a side window and a full black interior and of course, Lian Li do a PC-A61 with this, but at an extra cost which isn’t exactly great considering this model will set you back a fair whack.

Touching more on the price, the Lian Li PC-A61 is available at Overclockers UK for £143.99; a pretty good price if you ask me but in terms of the “value” factor, you can certainly get more features for your money.  Lian Li aren’t about flashy lights, cool gadgets and multi-coloured designs; they make statements through their elegance, exceptional build quality and of course performance.  Now if the windowed version/black interior version was £143.99 then I would certainly call this great value for money but considering the latter version (PC-A61WX) is just over £40 more expensive, it is easy to see why my opinion is this way.

Overall the Lian Li PC-A61 is one hell of a chassis and screams premium through every possible avenue.  It has performance, style, the amazing build quality Lian Li are famed for, it has a sleek black aluminium finish and more importantly, a true enthusiast would be able to afford this case without much hassle which makes me believe this is the ultimate mid tower case on the market; certainly for its size and market.  Lian Li are about quality and this case has more quality than the Manchester United football team!  Real premier league stuff from a case which deserves a Platinum award; great job Lian Li.

A huge thanks to Lian Li for sending in the PC-A61B chassis in for review and I look forward to seeing more in the future.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Aesthetically gorgeous
– Full aluminium
– Amazing build quality
– Great performance
– Oozes “premium”


– Not the cheapest option on the market
– All black version with windowed side panel is more expensive

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