NZXT H440 Review


[section_title title=Closer Look Pack/Ext]Closer Look Pack./Ext.

The front of the box has a rainbow coloured outline image of the NZXT H440 but unfortunately someone at customs decided mine needed a nice big sticker there so I am unable to show it.

On the back of the box we have a few nice images of the H440 highlight some of the favoured options the case has to offer. There is also a bit of a features description down on the bottom to give a bit more info on what you can expect from the case.

NZXT H440 1

On one of the sides users will find a specifications list and there is also a place next to the barcodes so users will be able to see which colour combination is inside the box.

NZXT H440 2

Included with the case is a users manual and a good assortment of screws and zipties to make sure users will be able to install their hardware with no problems.

NZXT H440 3

The front has a nice matte black finish to it with a bit of blue accenting around the edges, it may not be for everyone but I sure do like it.

NZXT H440 4

The main side panel has a nice big window to show off all your hardware inside. One of my favourite features of this case is the fact that it has a PSU cover which will hide all the messy wires from the PSU. This case is laid out so even if your cable management isn’t the best you will still end up with a clean looking build.

NZXT H440 6

On to the back and it looks just like most other cases of it’s size except for a couple of special features. If you will notice the fan mounting, there are no single holes but more an area where once you get the screws in a little you can move the fan up and down a bit to get it exactly where you want it. Also on the top left is a little button which controls the LED that will lightup the NZXT on the PSU cover, this button will also turn on to small LEDs on the back of the case that are pointed at the rear IO and expansion slots.

NZXT H440 7NZXT H440 10

The 2nd side panel is completely matte black except for a tiny bit of blue accenting, keep it moving folks – nothing to see here.

NZXT H440 8

The top is again matte black and users will notice the power and reset buttons are on the opposite side from the rest of the front IO inputs. I for one think this is to save users who don’t look where they are plugging things in from accidentally hitting the power button when trying to plug a USB in. (Hint – if you suffer from mistakenly hitting the power button for whatever reason, you can go into the control panel in windows and disable it so when the computer is on and you hit it nothing happens. Very useful tip for those of us with kids)

NZXT H440 9


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