NZXT S340 PC Case Review


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Getting the S340 out of the box and we can see the white version features a nice glossy paint job. The front of the case is completely bare, no IO or optical bay, a nice touch if you ask me.

NZXT S340_3

Removing the front panel reveals a dust filter and while they do not come included there is room for a pair of 120mm or 140mm fans or a 240/280mm radiator.

NZXT S340_13

The top of the case is where the front IO can be found and consists of a power button, 2 x USB3.0 ports and the Audio Jacks (mic/headphone). Also, notice towards the rear of the case there is a nice vented area that comes with a pre-installed exhaust fan.

NZXT S340 12

The main side panel has a nice big window so users will easily be able to show off their builds inside the S340. With all of the precautions NZXT has taken in terms of cable management, anyone will be able to have a nice clean looking build inside the S340.

NZXT S340_5

The back side panel as I call it is plain and gloss white, no raised area, no nothing! Fits in well with the overall design as most of the cables can be hidden with ease inside the bottom of the case.

NZXT S340_4

On to the back and we can see the vented area for the pre-installed exhaust fan, cutout for the motherboard and power supply and 7 x PCI expansion bays. One of the things to note here is that to install most power supplies you will need to remove the thumb screws that are holding a little cover plate onto the case, slot the PSU in from the back and then put the cover plate back on and screw the PSU into it.


Looking at the bottom and there are the 4 x feet to help raise the case off the ground, we can also see the dust protector for the PSU intake fan, some of the clips that will allow users to attach zip ties to and keep their cables organized and also a hole that will allow users to run cables from the bottom outside of the case to the inside, maybe to put a few LEDs on the bottom?

NZXT S340_12




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