NZXT S340 PC Case Review


[section_title title=Closer Look – Interior]Closer Look – Interior

Taking a look at the inside and we can see there is plenty of room for whatever we may want to install, we can also see the unique design in the fact that the bottom of the case where the power supply and 3.5″ hard drives go is completely hidden, a very nice touch and should make it easier for more users to end with a clean looking build if using the S340.

NZXT S340_2

As a lot of companies are doing these days, NZXT have included a little guide to help users know where they will have to have motherboard risers installed to be compatible with their form factor of a motherboard. This will of course be hidden when the motherboard is installed so will not cause any eye sores.

NZXT S340 1

Something that may be found interesting is the fact that the S340 comes with 2 x exhaust fans while it doesn’t have any intake fans. This is most likely due to the fact that the front of the case is the only place to install any type of radiator bigger than 140mm and so NZXT have left it open for users to go ahead and do so.

NZXT S340_6

As mentioned the front of the S340 is really the only place to install a decent sized radiator and also comes with a dust filter to help keep things clean as possible on the inside. Also, a new take on cable management is this white bar we can see, where a lot of cases would have a few different holes with or without grommets, the S340 boasts a bigger open area and uses a bar to help hide the cables.

NZXT S340 2

Taking a look from behind the motherboard tray and we can finally see this compartment where the power supply and 3.5″ hard drives will be kept, a very nice touch and a good way to help keep the visible clutter of cables to a minimum. There are also a number of places where users will be able to attach zip ties to help route the cables directly where they want to.

NZXT S340_7

The PSU will sit on top of a small grated area which has a dust filter on the outside, just to the left of where the PSU will go are a couple of clips users will be able to attach zip ties to so they can keep them down and out of the way and while they will not be visible in the main part of the case, it is still nice to be able to keep them tidy.

NZXT S340_11

Alongside the power supply being hidden is a hard drive cage that will allow for a couple of 3.5″ hard drives to be installed and hidden out of the way as no one really wants to see and/or hear the old mechanical drives do they?

NZXT S340 3



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