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Introduction & Closer Look

Manufacturer: Phanteks
Model: Evolv ATX (Black)
UK Price: £139.99 @ Overclockers UK
US Price: $184.99 @

Where do I even begin introducing a company like Phanteks? Well, to sum them up, they have probably made more of an impact in the last couple of years than any other company on the current PC case/chassis market! With their Evolv range, they have created a stylish, premium and eager following and today we have their latest ATX case from the range; the Phanteks Evolv ATX case. This case is available in black (one we have today) and gunmetal; although it would have been nice to have a white version as let’s be honest, white case look so damn good.

Phanteks Evolv ATX Features

– Aluminium body (3mm thick)
– Clean interior – Hidden PSU and HDD’s
– Power LED – Changeable to 4 different colours
– Retractable Radiator Bracket – Convenient Installation
– Tool less Side panel with swing door
– Side Window to show off your components
– Quick release panels for easy access
– Equipped with 3 x Phanteks PH-F140SP 140mm Fans, PWM Hub, 35mm Cable Management Space and Phanteks Velcro Ties
– Bottom and Front Dust Filters
– 2 x SSD Brackets Included
– 3 x Modular 3.5″ HDD Bracket included
– Water-cooling ready with Reservoir/Pump Mounts and space for up to 360mm radiators on Top/Front Panel

The key features for me is the nice and simplistic tidy interior, with pretty good water cooling support with up to a 360mm radiator able to fit inside; not to mention brackets for mounting pumps and reservoirs to the side of the case keeping them secure and making them look sweet.  The 3 x 140mm fans and PWM fan hub also screams “full package” with exceptional cooling performance in mind for users of this case.

So taking a look at the case itself, the main frame and design of the Evolv ATX has a very unique styling; of course it’s still a PC tower styled chassis, but with its own styled front panel which bevels inwards.  Also included with the Phanteks Evolv ATX case is a large window which spans the entirely of the system.  This allows for users to show off all of their fantastic hardware off as well as showing Phanteks superb interior…

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review

At the top we have the obligatory power switch while I feel is well designed and fits in with the design of the case.

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 1

The front I/O which consists of 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 2 x 3.5mm front panel audio jacks for a microphone/headphones and a nifty little reset button, is hidden behind a nicely placed slidable panel; this looks brilliant…

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 2

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 17

One very interesting thing about the Phanteks Evolv ATX is the way the side panels open; they aren’t removed and are hinged in place at the rear allowing for a much easier experience installing hardware.  No more losing those thumb screws by forgetting where you put them…

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 3

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 6

The front panel is also removable which hides a removable/cleanable dust filter for the front intake fans, which also covers 2 of the included 140mm Phanteks fans.

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 4

Worried about ventilation issues at the top?  No issues as Phanteks have incorporated stylish slit vents to allow for air to be exhausted out of the top of the case.  The last thing you want is hot air being circulated around your system…

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 5

At the floor of the case, it has been raised by 2 separate sections at the front and rear, with included rubberised feet.  A removable dust filter is present for the power supply and allows for air to be sucked in without polluting your chosen PSU or the entire system for that fact.

Phanteks Evolv ATX Review 7

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