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Taking a look at the top of the case from the inside and there is an included magnetic dust guard, please note this isn’t really meant to be freestanding but the magnets are more to help keep it in place while you mount your fans and/or radiators. When using the dust guard on its own as per the photo it likes to fall down.

When it comes to cooler we can fit either 2 x 120mm/140mm fans or either a 240mm/280mm radiator, giving more options for cooling of any sort is always a good thing and just makes it more convenient.

Raijintek Agos 7

On the inside looking at the bottom we can see 4 x rubber feet/vibration pads to set the power supply on to help reduce noise as well as the screw holes to mount an extra fan to further allow for more cooling options.

Raijintek Agos 31

Taking a look at the back of the motherboard tray and we can finally see where the front IO cables have been managing to hide all this time. There are also a few clips so we can go ahead and ziptie cables down to help route and keep them out of the way.

Raijintek Agos 8

While the depth of room for cables isn’t the best, it is far from the worst at the same time and for the most part should be fine.

Raijintek Agos 14

Once everything is installed in the case we can see the main area of the case looks quite tidy, most cables are easily routed to the back so as not to cause to much of an eye sore.

Raijintek Agos 9

The main cutout that will probably see most of the wires go through it, should be big enough to pass everything through without it being too tight of a fit.

Raijintek Agos 10

If you plan on installing a H80i or something similar on the back there will be a bit of clearance on the top for routing cables, something that has been lacking in some of the other cases I have looked at recently.

Raijintek Agos 11



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