[section_title title=Installation]Installation

Installation was fun and as you can see everything fits in without much problem. I unfortunately did not of a compatible GPU on hand to show installed as well but there appeared to be just enough room to install one had I had one under 170mm. Getting everything inside the Metis was a bit of a learning process but really was not that bad but once it’s in, it’s in and most likely not going very far but this is to be expected.

In my case it was easiest to install the motherboard, then the PSU and get everything connected to the motherboard that I could and once done, install the H80i. The H80i blocks about half of the motherboard as you can see and it would be impossible to plug things after it was installed. All in all while it looks very cramped, the build process itself wasn’t bad at all.

Raijintek Metis_8

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  1. i was wondering, i have an EVGA hybrid, with an AIO attatched, could we actually stack a H80i and the hybrid cooler rad to exhaust… just a thought.

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