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Jumping right into it and the performance aspect was as expected. This is a very small case so is bound to be a bit warmer than others on the market but this is ok, as this is not what it was designed for. The fact is while there isn’t a lot of cooling options they are more than enough to make sure any hardware installed inside the case will not get to hot as to cause issues. The extra vents on the panel that is on backside of the motherboard tray surely help and if you are looking for a bit better performance you can go with the non-windowed version which replaces the window with more vents to allow for better cooling.

In terms of design I quite like it, it comes in a few colours with a brushed aluminium look and I find it rather appealing. The Metis is an extremely small case of course designed for users who do not have a lot of room to store their PC. The inside of the Metis features an open layout but still offers some room to manage your cables and tuck them out of the way if need be. One of the things that impressed me was the fact you can get it in either a windowed or non-windowed version which bodes very well for the Metis and should help it catch more people’s attention if they are in the market for a m-ITX case.

Coming in around £40 you are getting a solid m-ITX case in the Metis that looks quite nice. While there isn’t a whole lot going on it will do the trick and the exterior of the case is rather flashy and nice to look at. However I feel it would be a bit more appealing if the price was just a tad lower, not much but a few £££ knocked off would make it that much better value but again, this really could be said about anything that has a value to it.

When all is said and done I still feel m-ITX cases are a tad but of a niche market and as such they pay a price for it. The Raijintek Metis is a nice little case and in saying that, you will be hard pressed to find a case that is much more compact than then it. The only way Raijintek could have made it smaller would have meant making it not as tall, which would have then not allowed it to accommodate any type of graphics card. When all is said and done I think Raijintek took a little risk with the Metis but did a good job and if you are looking for a space saving case than the Metis should be right up your alley.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Very compact
– Stylish exterior
– Can accommodate AIO CPU coolers with 120mm fans and radiator


– Only supports VGA cards up to 170mm
– Only has room for 1 x 120mm fan

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  1. i was wondering, i have an EVGA hybrid, with an AIO attatched, could we actually stack a H80i and the hybrid cooler rad to exhaust… just a thought.

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