Raijintek Styx Aluminium Case Review 1

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Introduction & Closer Look

Manufacturer: Raijintek
Model: Styx Windowed (Gold)
UK Price: £64.99 @ Overclockers UK (At time of review)
US Price: $ N/A

Young brands always require special attention due to current trends in the PC component market. Some companies make an impact by producing and creating “special” products and others, well they produce cheap Asian copies. The latter might be a bit tedious to deal with sometimes, but the special ones are certainly a pleasure to take a look at.

Raijintek is one of those young companies on the good side of the spectrum, with some interesting products over the last 12-18 months. A particular highlight was, of course, the Raijintek Triton AIO CPU coolers which changed the game slightly on customising the aesthetics of the loops liquid. With favourable reviews across the globe, they are one of our standout companies of 2015 and today I’ll be taking a look at a case from their latest mATX range; the Raijintek Styx.

So what’s interesting about the Styx? Well, the Raijintek Styx is currently available in a multitude of colours which includes blue, red, black, silver, green and gold; today we will be taking a look at the gold-windowed version. With a plethora of choice, the Styx is an m-ATX form factor chassis, but it does support m-ITX boards; those with ATX boards will need to look elsewhere I’m afraid.

So as we mentioned, this is the windowed version, but the window is pretty small so for all those wanting a large windowed panel, this might not be the case for you.  The window actually sticks out from the side of the case, instead of being mounting on the inner side panel; not sure I like that in all honesty.

Raijintek Styx Review 1

The front I/O is featured at the top of the case and consists of 2 x USB 3.0 ports and 2 x 3.5mm front panel audio jacks; the actual USB 3.0 header splits off to a USB 2.0 header allowing for maximum compatibility. The power switch is located slightly down from this, being placed upon the front panel.

Raijintek Styx Review 2

On the top panel, we have a black contrasting mesh which allows for the mounting of 2 x 120mm fans, or a 240mm radiator; this chassis only comes pre-installed with 1 x 120mm exhaust fan on the rear.

Raijintek Styx Review 4

At the bottom of the Styx aluminium chassis, we have some ventilation holes as well as rubber case feet; the power supply cut out is on the underside of the case due to the way it mounts internally. Raijintek has done the best they can to utilise the space available.

Raijintek Styx Review 5

To remove the side panels of the case, due to their aluminium design, you will need to unscrew each of the 4-panel screws (each of the 4 corners of each side panel). This gives full access to the interior of the chassis.

Raijintek Styx Review 6

Let’s take a look at the specifications and then we shall build inside it and see if it’s a worthwhile purchase…


Product Number 0R200025 ~ 0R200030, 0R200031 ~ 0R200036
Dimension [W×D×H] 210×360×335 mm
Weight 3.8 kg [N.W.] 5.2 kg [G.W.]
Material Aluminum 1.5mm [Surface]; SPCC 0.5mm [Interior]
Color Black / Red / Silver / Blue / Green / Gold
M/B Support Micro ATX / Mini-ITX
Drive Bay Internal 3.5″HDD×3 + 2.5″HDD×2 or 3.5″HDD×1 + 2.5″HDD×4
Slim DVD×1
Expansion Slot PCI Slots [Tool-Free]×5
I/O Panel USB3.0×2, HD Audio×1
Power Supply PS/2 [Internal Bottom-mount]
CoolingSystem Rear Fan: 120mm×1 [pre-installed]
Top Fan: 120mm×2 or 240mm Radiator [option]
Bottom Fan: 120mm×1 [option]
CPU Cooler Height 180mm [Max.]
Graphic Card Length 280mm [Max.]
Side Panel Style Window / Flat

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