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Sometimes a case can’t have everything, but relatively speaking, some can! Where does the Raijintek Styx m-ATX chassis fit into this? Well, you might be surprised…

The Raijintek Styx is a lovely m-ATX case with a gorgeous brushed aluminium finish and with only having access to the gold one (by request I might add), I feel the pictures/images don’t do this case justice; it’s a gorgeous and well-designed case, bar one or two issues. The first is the actual windowed panel, it sticks out and looks a little cheap/tacky, but each to their own!  Secondly, the case only comes with 1 x 120mm pre-installed fan which is a little tame by our standards; there is ample room however to fit your own fans and upon using it, I found the fan Raijintek included to be a little weak, but most generic case fans are anyway!

There are loads of colours available to satisfy most people’s preferences, but I believe the best feature of the case is the finish; it’s so nice and premium feeling.  CPU coolers with a height greater than 180mm are incompatible, so no tower coolers here folks; Noctua do a nice range of low profile coolers so be sure to check them out!

At £62.99 for the classic version or £64.99 for the windowed model it represents pretty good value for money considering this isn’t one of your run of the mill steel cases, but an elegant looking aluminium chassis more than worthy enough of a purchase; we do like this, but the non-windowed version looks so much better! Not to say the windowed is bad, but the implementation of the window just doesn’t do it for us and we would much prefer not to have one.

Overall, the Styx is a pretty wicked case and if you are looking for a premium looking case, but don’t want to spend as much as one from Lian Li for example, then the Raijintek is sure to tickle your fancy; we like it, but we can’t forgive them for the nasty looking window, sorry Raijintek! It does drop the score a little bit, but only because we can only base our judgement on the product in hand, not anything else etc. Regardless, it’s still a recommended purchase!

All the Raijintek range is available for purchase at Overclockers UK and we thank both parties for sending us a sample to take a look at.




Play3r FAQ

Q) What colours does the Raijintek Styx come in?
A) Blue, gold, silver, black, green and red.

Q) Does the Raijintek Styx support tower CPU coolers?
A) If your cooler is under 180mm in height, then yes, if not…it’s a no

Q) Is the Raijintek Styx any good?
A) Of course it is, really stylish and at a reasonable price point to boot.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Gorgeous finish
– Available in a whole host of colours
– Aluminium feels good quality
– Pretty robust for a case this size


– The window sticks out of the side, instead of being fixed internally
– Cheaper alternatives similar, albeit not aluminium!

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