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Packaging & Exterior

The packaging for the PS11B-Q contains quite a bit of information and while there are no colour pictures of the case, users should be able to get a good feel for what it will look like from the images that are there and all the specifications that are included. The front of the box features and image that shows some of the difference between the Q and W variants as to where the back of the box features a nice look at the inside with some highlighted points that SilverStone feel will help users make their decision. One side of the box features an introduction about the case as well as a full specifications list whereas the other side lists the special features in various international languages.

SilverStone PS11Q_19SilverStone PS11Q_3 SilverStone PS11Q_1SilverStone PS11Q_5

The front of the case features a nice brushed aluminium look while sporting 2x 5.25″ drive bays, as well as the front IO on the top.  The front IO consists of the usual of the usual power button, 2x USB3.0 ports and the mice and audio inputs.


SilverStone PS11Q_2

The bottom 3/4 or so is easily removed to allow access to the intake fan mounts, once 120mm fan is included in this space. Just pull from the bottom with some of that gentle strength and the panel will come off easy enough.


SilverStone PS11Q_20

Both of the side panels are identical in the Q model and there is no window on the main side. Both panels also feature noise reduction insulation to help keep things as “silent” as possible.


SilverStone PS11Q_7SilverStone PS11Q_17SilverStone PS11Q_4

On to the bottom of the case and the first thing caught my eye was the horrible Made in China stamp! This really is no big deal but definitely catches the eyes upon first look. Aside from that, there are 4x feet to help keep the case off the floor as we see in most cases and there is also a nice long dust filter running along part of the bottom allowing for better airflow to the case while keeping dust to a minimum.

SilverStone PS11Q_6

On the back is the normal host of things we would hope to see except for an exhaust fan while there is a space for one it is not included. I personally would have really liked to of seen an exhaust fan here, but it’s not really the end of the world though it would have made the PS11B-Q that much better.

What we do have is the place for an exhaust fan, 7x PCI expansion bays, a pair of holes for water cooling and the cut outs for the motherboard and PSU.

SilverStone PS11Q_18

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