Thermaltake Core V31 And V51 PC Case Reviews

[section_title title=Introduction]Introduction

Thermaltake are a well-known and respected name in the computer hardware industry and are lately looking to expand their resume with new and innovated products. The recently upped the ante when it comes to all-in-one water CPU coolers releasing their Water 3.0 ultimate which features a 360mm radiator and 3 x 120mm fans out of the box and took the number one spot atop our performance results for coolers. Aside from that they are also soon to release a liquid cooling system (LCS) that will allow users to create their own custom water cooling loops and alongside this they have started branding some of their cases as LCS compatible so users will know which cases have been designed with creating custom loops in mind.

Today I will be taking a look at not one but two of their LCS rated cases by way of the Core V31 and Core V51. The main differences between the two cases are their sizes though there are a few other small things that we will cover later on in the review. Both of the cases have more than enough room for a good amount of hardware and water cooling goodies and should be a pleasure to build a rig inside of. Another one of the main highlights of the Core series is they are designed to be highly modular so users can easily customize and set them up exactly how they want with as little effort as possible.

Before we get things kicked off let’s take a look at the unboxing videos I did for each the core V31 and V51 cases:


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