Thermaltake Core V31 And V51 PC Case Reviews


V31/V51  Comparison

Just for fun I thought it would be nice to put the cases up next to each other just to give a little idea on the difference is size. As mentioned the V31 is of course the smaller of the two but not by too much as you can see. Aside from being able to fit a bigger radiator or more fans in the front of the V51 there isn’t much that wouldn’t fit in the V31, though of course the V51 will leave more open room for airflow and generally just has more room if you are looking to install reservoirs and pumps.

When I originally received the V51 I was planning to use it for my X99 test bench but after receiving the V31 and realizing that putting a proper custom loop inside is really just not a viable option for my personal needs at the moment I decided to swap everything over into the V31. Needless to say I am more than happy and the V51 will be sitting, patiently, waiting for its chance to house a nice custom loop in the near future.

Thermaltake Core V31 V51 Comparison front Thermaltake Core V31 V51 Comparison side Thermaltake Core V31 V51 Comparison side1

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