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Jumping right into the design aspect and this is the best thing the Echo has going for it, well if you only look at the outside of it that is. The front of the case looks quite nice for what it is and will lead users into believing that this is a fairly well designed case, it isn’t until actually getting inside it and trying to install some hardware users find out this is not the case. The back of the case is so flimsy it might as well just be a piece of construction paper and according to the Xigmatek website it is  “Engineered with nonflimsy, light material” – WRONG! The back of the case can easily be twisted and or bent just using ones fingers, if this isn’t flimsy well then someone has been lying to me my whole life. 

As for performance, well it doesn’t get a whole lot better there either. There is no included front intake fan to help get a bit of air into the case so that makes airflow very limited and only having an exhaust fan on the back is not the best, especially as the top of the case is not vented to let some of the heat out either. If they wanted to make the Echo a much better performer, throw a front fan in or at least vent the top of the case to allow for some of the excess heat to get out. While this does effect the performance of the Echo it is due to the poor design that it features, an all around bad case.

When it comes to Value, well even at £24 I feel this case is greatly overpriced. When comparing it directly to the Xigamtek Mach, which comes in at the same price and of course is made by the same company it is absolutely appalling how horrible this Echo PC case is. Even though it is only £24 the Echo could still do with a serious price cut in my opinion if Xigmatek is actually interested in selling, as said when directly comparing against another Xigmatek case for the same price, it really just doesn’t come close.

When all is said and done I am quite disappointed in the Echo, for the same price and from the same company the Mach is a much better case, it had a better design and is somehow sturdier than the Echo. After reviewing the Mach first I am highly disappointed and just had to mention it again.

I would like to thank Xigmatek for sending the Echo in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Front Panel looks nices


– Back of case is flimsy and not aligned properly.
– No air vents on the top of the case
– Bad design overall
– Whole case doesn’t feel very sturdy
– Overpriced

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