Xigmatek Nebula C Case Review


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Closer Look: Interior

On the interior of the case, it’s identical in every respect to the original nebula without the base on the bottom. So in theory you can follow a previous review on this site if you would like to find out even more information! You can find that review here. However, this is my take on the case starting from a complete clean slate.




Internally the case houses two drives in a caddy located at the top above the GPU, included is an SSD adapter so they assume you are going to be using a 3..5″ drive and an SSD, however you can use two 3.5″ drives.The Power supply attaches to the back of the case rotated 90 degrees to allow for the caddy to sit in its current position.



The main parts of your system will spend their lives living at the bottom of the case laying flat. This does make for an incredibly easy build, simply removing the panels with no screws to get everything setup. A novice could probably do this entire build in five minutes, and no I’m not joking, that is the honest truth.

My opinions on the interior vary so greatly as I did attempt to squeeze in the C14S which if you read my review of the Atomic Element Gaming case went smoothly (with a few minor changes to the case) and it was somewhat smaller. So I do have a few thoughts on how they could have made the internal design a little more flexible to work with. And the current design does hinder the use of perhaps an AIO cooler.

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