Xigmatek Nebula C Case Review


[section_title title=Thermal Performance]

Thermal Performance

For the thermal performance tests, we use the cases stock fans provided only and a Noctua l9i cooler to cool the Pentium G3258. We then calculate the delta temperatures from our findings and graph them accordingly.



Based on the temperature of the XIgmatek Nebula C using the Noctua l9i we can see a pretty good result. Granted that a smaller case has better temperatures this is because of the fan placement. The Nebula C actually shines quite well because there is a lot of space to allow air to flow around in unlike some of the other cases. The Phanteks Evolv is a bit more “Fan crazy” and a good choice if you want to go crazy with hardware, but the Nebula C was built for those who like eye candy, after all aesthetics are everything.

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