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Technically we’ve already reviewed this product on the website, under a different author. However I wanted to give my thoughts as a complete SFF fan boy on what I thought about the Xigmatek Nebula C. Basically the Nebula C is an updated version of the Nebula without the base, and a new style that is simply awesome to have on your desk. White cases seem to be the new PC fad when it comes to building cases, every company seems to be making a white, aesthetically clean version of their cases. As a reviewer we obviously have to look at all aspects of design, performance, and obviously the way the case looks. I must admit the Nebula C is a breath of fresh air when it comes to clean minimalistic design for the ITX form factor, however there were some problems with the case which stem from my opinions as a SFF fan boy.


The ITX form factor created a revolution in smaller, more compact solutions for that next super small powerhouse computer that you could boast about. You dreamed about owning a case that would fit in your backpack, or perhaps sit nicely on your desk.. Whilst the Xigmatek Nebula C and Nebula are amazing cases, I feel from my experience the design is somewhat lacking and the actual use of space could be better. I’m not saying this isn’t a case to buy, in fact for the first time buyer it’s an awesome case that shouldn’t require too much effort to build in, even from a complete novice.

However, I feel that from a design perspective it could have been so much more. When I consider the pricing of SFF cases I feel that people shouldn’t be charged huge amounts for a smaller case, thus if a smaller case is more expensive you would think that the quality and design would be on par with some top end ATX form factor cases given the size to price ratio. Now the Nebula suffers one big problem in my eyes. The placement of the PSU and Motherboard severely hinder what you can potentially do with the case. For instance when we look at the layout of the PSU and the drive bays? Why not flip the PSU around to a horizontal position, relocate the fan and put the drives on the inside of the front case panel. I’m not giving the exact measurements but the case would greatly benefit in terms of airflow and the ability to user a larger CPU  cooler. Another completely over the top idea is to use a layout like the FT03 mini and mount the motherboard on the wall of the case with the PSU at the bottom however these are just my opinions as someone who loves cases to be as functional and small as they can be.

This case on the other hand is simply gorgeous which allows it to dismiss these problems, as people probably won’t see the internals of the case and will be happy with the cooling performance and simplicity that the Nebula has brought to the market. I also loved the fact they didn’t include a restart button for aesthetic purposes, and it does show that they’ve put some thought into the external design. And in some respects this case makes for an awesome talking piece, and looks at home on any desk.. Its a huge step up from the Nebula that frankly didn’t look the part for the price, however the Nebula C is a big game changer and has slightly changed my opinion about Xigmatek after being slightly dissatisfied with the Xigmatek Octans. However I have noticed a trend with the Xigmatek franchise, focusing on aesthetics over the general design (which isn’t always a bad thing).

Taking all things into consideration, I bet you think after reading this that I’d recommend not buying the case. However quite the contrary, I feel this case fills a gap in the ITX market which is for aesthetically pleasing cases. I find myself getting carried away with wanting things to be smaller, and more compact, whilst maintaining functionality. But this case really suits those who want a nice simple build with a small GPU, and with companies like AMD pushing for smaller more powerful GPU’s that run on an AIO cooler, this case could potentially house a next generation SFF monster (if you remove the drive bays with a dremel). And I think with all my dislikes, it has actually been a breath of fresh air to review this case and it makes such a nice general ITX case.



Bottom line – it really is one of the most fantastic looking ITX cases on the market at the moment at a great price. And it would be getting a gold award if they allowed for the use of an AIO cooler! 

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Looks gorgeous
– Spacious design
– Easy for novice SFF builders
– Once again one of the best looking ITX cases on the market
– Poor cable management (even though you’ll never see it)
– Panels could be nicer(E.g. Powder coated metal) but it does look nice.
– No AIO support
– Odd layout
– Short GPU support only

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