Nitro Concepts C80 Pure Series Gaming Chair Review 28

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Manufacturer: Nitro Concepts
Model: C80 Pure Series
UK Price: £134.99 at Overclockers UK (At the time of review)
US Price: N/A

So, you have the latest gaming headset that cost in excess of £200 that lights your room with RGB lighting. Clicks popping left, right and center with a specialised 10,000 dpi programmable RGB mouse. Your keyboard lights your face with, again, more RGB while you maneuver its mechanical keys, but you, the user/gamer/worker, sit in a cheap folding chair that gives you consistent back ache and numb bum after minimal use. Why cause bad posture, uncomfortable sitting and miss out on the luxurious leather seats made for gamers by gamers that Nitro Concepts have on offer? It is a no brainer, keep yourself comfortable by splashing some cash on a professional gaming/work seat!

Working hard to focus on providing top services at an affordable price, “The Nitro Concepts design team itself consists of passionate gamers, who know exactly what matters when it comes to high-quality gaming chairs, since success at gaming can be heavily influenced by comfortable seating and a healthy sitting posture. In addition, valuable user feedback is being incorporated into the conception of each Nitro Concepts office chair. Because of this, all Nitro Concepts gaming chairs are not just made of high-grade materials, but also offer practical features along with a superb build quality.”

Now let’s get down to business and delve into this review of the Nitro Concepts C80 Pure Series Gaming Chair (in a gorgeous Play3r style orange on black finish).


The specifications for this product have been provided by Nitro Concepts and can be found on their website by clicking here.


Manufacturer: Nitro Concepts
Main colour: Black
Accent colour: Orange
Total height (with base): ca. 117 – 124 cm
Height adjustability: ca. 47 – 54 cm
Width backrest (shoulder level): ca. 50 cm
Width backrest (pelvis level): ca. 50 cm
Width backrest (point of contact): ca. 26 cm
Length backrest: ca. 79 cm
Width seating area (total): ca. 54 cm
Width seating area (point of contact): ca. 26 cm
Depth seating area (total): ca. 50 cm
Depth seating area (point of contact): ca. 49 cm
Width armrest: ca. 7.5 cm
Depth armrest: ca. 32 cm
Armrests adjustable: No
Rocking mechanism: max. 15°
Maximum weight (user): 120 kg
Package dimensions: 78 x 65 x 32 cm
Net weight (chair): ca. 14 kg
Gross weight (chair): ca. 15.9 kg
EAN: 4713105959291
Product number: NC-C80P-BO
EAN (UK version): 4713105959611
Product number (UK version): NC-C80P-BO-UK
Fire safety compliance: BS 5852 (UK versions only)
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