Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair Review


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The most sought after element from any piece of furniture is comfort, without it all you have is an expensive way of getting backache. Of course, the racing styled gaming chairs currently on the market emulate those designed in race cars and they really do look the part.  So what’s the deal with the SL4000 from Vertagear?  Is it a good comfortable and robust gaming chair? Or is it good value for money?

Well after using this chair for quite a long time now, I feel like I’m at least qualified to give my opinion on it; it’s a good chair.  Ok let me elaborate a little on that, it has all the hallmarks of a top quality racing themed gaming chair, but I do feel that improvements would make this chair better.  First of all, the SL4000 supports for weights up to 150kg, but if you have quite a wide backside, you might be a little disappointed as 370mm isn’t great for the larger gamer.  It is however still very comfortable although it did take a week or so for the fabric on the chair to break in for me.

The padding around the seat itself is very lush and unlike my current “ergonomic” office chair, it doesn’t bite my bum after a prolonged period of time which shows the quality of the materials used.  The cushions (lumbar and head) also prove very comfortable and although not a huge fan of head pillows, I found this one actually added to my comfort; I had previously mentioned how I never use them, but it wouldn’t be a review without trying everything.

Mechanisms wise, they move as smooth as a hot knife through butter and after my hard time installing that one crazy bolt during installation, everything is absolutely grand in that department.  If I could make one change, I simply wouldn’t!  The arm rests being adjustable make it easier to place the chair under desks, although I found myself raising mine as when dead in League of Legends (happens often), I found myself resting my arms and leaning back to allow the chair to cuddle me like a real man gamer.

At a current cost of £214.99 at Overclockers UK, the pricing fits in well against the likes of AK Racking and DX Racer which both charge quite a large premium and I wouldn’t exactly call them better in any way shape or form.  I would, however, say that if these were sub £200, they would cause concern for other brands such as GT Omega who do larger versions for slightly cheaper; this includes the Master XL among others.

Is the Vertagear SL4000 better than the GT Omega Master XL?  In some ways yes and some ways no!  The PVC leather material feels better quality, but the slightly wider seat offers better compatibility for those “larger” gamers wanting a gaming chair.  Is it worth a purchase?  Most definitely and we believe that if Vertagear launch their range outside of the EU, they should prove mighty popular and with the right marketing, they could be a winner for many years to come!

Thanks to Vertagear for sending the SL4000 in for review.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Very comfortable
– Fantastic build quality for a new brand
– Available in multiple colours
– Reasonably priced against “most” competing brands


– Only currently available in the EU

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