Cooler Master Nepton 140XL & 280L Review


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Surrounding both the Nepton 140XL and 280L is a very similarly designed box. They’re more or less identical in fact. The only distinctive differences are the names and of course the specifications on the sides. Other than that, it follows the same purple and black theme throughout. We’ve seen this colour scheme on other coolers in the past from Cooler Master as well so it is no surprise that they have gone with these colours once more.

On the front of each box, we can see a clear picture of the unit which you are purchasing. The Cooler Master logo is in the top left corner and follows the same colouring as the name of the cooler. It’s in a shiny silver metallic colour which reflects light as it hits the lettering to change its colour. The back of the “liquid CPU cooler” is in that same style. In the bottom left corner of each box, you can see three of the main selling features. They state that the cooler is maintenance free and it has two times the amount of ultra fine fins within the block as well as the durable tubing that is used to ensure that there won’t be any leaks whilst this system is in operation.

Inside each box lays a hard cardboard container which houses all of the components. It is important to note that the radiators are delicate and when the fins are bent or even punctured, you may have some serious issues on your hands. Cooler Master ensured that they are away from the outer walls of the boxes to eliminate the possibility of bent fins or punctures. It would take quite a bit of force to penetrate into the box and damage the radiator. Of course, the rest of the accessories such as the fans and the mounting gear are put around the edges of the boxes but in a similar fashion, they are quite far away from the outer walls of the box.

In the accessories department, you have the mounting gear which ranges from the brackets to mount the cooler to the motherboard to the screws to mount the fans to the radiators. Nothing over the top or unexpected is included and it is all standard to any after market cooler.


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