Cooler Master Nepton 140XL & 280L Review


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Closer Look

Both the 140XL and 280L come with two of the Cooler Master JetFlo 140mm fans. On the 140XL, the fans are configured in a push/pull configuration whilst on the 280L they are configured in either push or pull, depending on your preference and how you choose to set the cooler up within your case. The tubing which is utilised on both the coolers is – as Cooler Master claims – 66% thicker than other pipes on the market which not only aids the water flow within the pipes, but it also allows for more coolant to be used which directly translates to how long it takes for the coolant to heat up. This should translate to lower temperatures for a longer period of operation. In fact, there’s twice as much coolant within the loop for those of you whom like to be more precise. Coupled with a high flow rate from the exclusive Cooler Master pump design and a larger radiator, it is shaping up to be a great cooler – well, on paper at least.

The cold plate is made entirely out of copper and although I cannot take apart the assembly for obvious reasons, Cooler Master kindly put up an image on their website to show us what the insides are like. Well, it was more so to boast the insides rather than for our benefit but it’s nice to have either way. The fins are ultra fine and give a large overall surface area for the water to come into contact with the cold plate. Too many fins can also hinder the performance of a water block but I am sure that the gurus in the Cooler Master labs have done their jobs correctly.

Fans are essential to any cooling component, and the coolers both come with two JetFlo 140mm fans as explained previously. They’re designed to aim air in a more concentrated and direct flow rather than spewing it out everywhere which is usually what happens with fans that are not designed properly. This should result in increased cooling performance compared to their previous fans which came from the SickleFlow range.┬áThe fans are rated at 0.8 amps each which means they can pull a maximum of 9.6 watts at full loading. Be sure to bear that in mind when loading up your system with JetFlo’s. They shift anywhere from 120 to 130CFM at full speed which is a lot of air to be focussed on a 140mm square space.


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