[section_title title=”Closer Look – 1250″]Closer Look – 1250

Moving onto the larger Antec Kuhler 1250, unlike the 650, the 1250 features a dual 120mm radiator making the total size 240mm.  It has 2 x 120mm fans pre-attached and sadly, these cannot be removed.  It follows the exact same colour scheme as the aforementioned 650 and shares the same stunning contrast.

The 1250 has the exact same method of pumping the coolant as the 650; the pump is mounted above the fans which shouldn’t add any extra heat to the CPU directly which some AIO coolers can do.

The Antec Kuhler 1250 measures just less than 80mm from the edge of the pump to the edge of the backside of the radiator.  This essentially means the radiator is 30mm thick and the extra 50mm of height is generated by the placement of the pump; this might mean you may have to re-think your case which could cause issues so make sure you have plenty of clearance before you make your purchase.

On the CPU block, the 1250 shares the same design as the 650 but the main difference here is, the 1250 allows you to customise the colour via the Antec Grid software which doesn’t support the 650; something which actually disappoints me.  This allows users to show a variation in colour depending on how hot the fluid is in the loop or custom to match a specific colour scheme.

Unlike the 650, the 1250 has a USB header which allows you to connect it right into the motherboard for use with the Antec Grid software which I will touch upon later on in this review.  If anything the amount of wires coming from the block on the 1250 could be considered quite intrusive and a tad excessive, but all the cables have a purpose so it would be hard to fault Antec for that.


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