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One of the main features of the Antec Kuhler 1250 AIO cooler is the inclusion of the Antec Grid software.  What this allows you to do is configure your cooler to your specified setting based on temperature and noise.  This software also allows you to customise the LED colour and profiles for the 1250, making it a more viable option for those who want to shift focus every so often from acoustic to thermal performance and vice versa.

The actual GUI of the software is very simple yet effective meaning that it’s very easy to use.  Here I have illustrated the different screens of the software; the Antec Grid software does not support the Antec Kuhler 650 which I find slightly disappointing.

The main panel displays information regarding the fluid temperature, fan speed and also allows you to flick between 3 different profiles (Extreme/Silent/Custom).

Max power.

Custom fan profile

CPU block LED customisation; one of my favourite features.

A graph which allows you to monitor fan speed/temperature and you can also enable logging for a more comprehensive set of results.

Overall the Antec Grid software is pretty nifty and kind of resembles the Corsair Link software which, all in all, is a good feature to have.  It is a real shame that it only supports the 1250 and will surely reflect in the price.


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