BitFenix Spectre Pro LED, Alchemy and Recon Overview


[section_title title=”Spectre Pro”]Spectre Pro

Spectre Pro™ LED
Materials PC & PBT
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Starting Voltage 5VDC
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB)
Dimensions (mm) 120x120x25mm
Current (A) 0.18A ±10%
Speed (RPM) 1200 RPM ±10%
Air Flow (CFM) 56.22 CFM ±10%
Air Pressure (mmH2O) 1.24 mmH2O
Noise (dB-A) 18.9 dB(A)

Starting off with the packaging as we do and the first thing that sticks out like a sore thumb when comparing them all together is the fact the white LED fan has a white box, whereas all the others have the same blackish styled box. On the front of the box is a nice sized viewing window that will allow for customers to get a closer look at the fan before purchasing. We can also notice the BitFenix logo in the top right with their “Be Invincible” slogan on the flap we will open to get the fan out and lastly, on the front facing part we can see the model name and size of the fan inside the box.


BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 12

On the back of the packaging are the features and specifications lists so users can make sure that these are the fans they need and want.

BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 13


Getting the fans out of the box and they come with a few accessories, which include anti-vibration rivets, screws and an adapter so we can change the 2-pin connector that controls the LEDs into a 4-pin molex connection.

BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 2


Having a closer look at the fans and we can see the unique almost honeycomb look and dual frame design which is said to help reduce noise and vibrations. Also note the unique fin design which is meant to help reinforce the blades and ultimately keep them from warping over time, especially if used at full RPM.

BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 3 BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 4 BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 5

All the connector wires are neatly soldered to the back underneath the BitFenix sticker.

BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 6

The fans comes with 2 connector wires, the 3-pin is to control fan itself while the 2-pin is to control the LED function.

BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 7


The LED glow from the fans is quite good, even when lights are on you will still be able to notice the LEDs. The illumination will also sneak out of whatever case you may put them in a bit and find its way to nearby surrounding surfaces.

BitFenix Spectre Pro LEDs 2 BitFenix Spectre Pro LEDs 4 BitFenix Spectre Pro LEDs 6 BitFenix Spectre Pro LEDs 7 BitFenix Spectre Pro LEDs 8 BitFenix Spectre Pro LEDs 9


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