BitFenix Spectre Pro LED, Alchemy and Recon Overview


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Well after what was a few fun packed days of on and off playing with the BitFenix accessories it is time to wrap it all up! I must say I love LEDs so this was quite an enjoyable overview for me to do.

Spectre Pro LED Fans: The Spectre Pro LED fans offer a nice touch to help bring a build together. They come in a few of the main colours enthusiasts currently use for their build so hopefully most users should be able to find a suitable colour. The LEDs offer a great illumination but are also easily turned off if desired. Even when using all 6 of the Spectre Pro LED fans I used in this overview on full speed they weren’t overly loud. Now of course you can hear them but even standing right next to them it was more than easy to cope with the noise and lets face it, if you need to use your fans at full RPM you may need to look into other issues regarding your cooling. My only real problem is the fact they don’t come in a few more colours, especially yellow and orange. People are starting to step away from the normal Red/Blue themes and need some amazing fans to match. Maybe in the future BitFenix will add more colours but for now let’s just keep our hopes up.

Alchemy LED Strip: The Alchemy LED strips have to be some of the nicest and brightest LED strips I have used personally. While at the time of the review I only had a couple white strips they come in all the same colours as the Spectre Pro LED fans with the addition of an orange strip! I was using the 30cm strips and I have to say 2 of those would be more than enough to light up most PC cases with one on the top and one on the bottom. One of the nicest features is the fact how easy it is to connect them to each other. You can connect them via 2 different ways, there are included extenders that plug right into the LED strip so you can connect them, or, the 4-pin molex connectors also can be connected together as they have an input and output port.

Recon Fan Controller. The Recon Fan Controller is a great way to take control of up to 5 fans and even monitor temperatures near them accordingly. It features touchscreen capabilities allowing users the easiest of times to switch between which fans are being controlled and turning them up or down accordingly. The Recon can be purchased in either black or white allowing users to pick the one that best suits their build and most importantly it does what it says on the box, it allows users to take control of their own fans without having to get any special programs or be a wiz in the BIOS.

At the end of the day all of these accessories are very nice and they all compliment each other perfectly giving users the chance to add a bit more of a personal feel and look to their current and/or next PC build. Even if you are just looking to spruce up an old PC you have laying around and try to give it a bit of life the range of accessories BitFenix offers is surely willing to help. At the end of the day if you are looking for some new accessories and the BitFenix range strike your fancy, don’t worry as they will hold up their end of the bargain.

I would like to thank BitFenix for sending the Spectre Pro LED, Alchemy LED Strips and Recon Fan Controller in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.


  1. […] As mentioned, BitFenix is all about providing their customers with what they want and they do this in a number of ways. Not only do BitFenix consider customer feedback when designing new cases, they take into high regard comments on products they already have on the market. One of the many things they do is release extra accessories for their cases; these can come in the form of interchangeable front and side panels with or without windows, IO ports, and also releasing cases in a number of colours they feel will please the industry. Aside from the accessories they offer for individual cases, BitFenix also offers a great line of other accessories, such as a wide-range of fans, fan controllers, LED strips and extension cables that a lot of come in numerous colours as well to make sure there is something for everyone. For a closer look at some of the BitFenix accessories, please see me previous review on them HERE. […]

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