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Closer Look

Getting our first proper look at the fans and as mentioned, the fan blades are the same colour as the LEDs and also a nice translucent look to them; the frames are also a nice translucent black. They definitely look like they will allow for the LEDs to pass through the blades and hopefully offer a nice effect.



The cable to connect the fans to a controller or motherboard utilizes a standard 3-pin connection, is 45cm in length and is mostly braided. While it is unlikely to be seen, it would have been nice to see the cable braid go all the way to the motor/middle of the fan on the backside as the individual wires just are not pretty to look at. When considering the price, it is good to see any braid at all to be honest, just doing a bit of nit picking.



The LEDs from the Cooltek Silent Fans omit a nice bit of light. The translucent blades allow for just enough light from the LED to pass through to allow for a nice circle light effect. Another thing I thought looked rather nice is the actual trails created from the LEDs that are brighter and more defined inside the fan blades. If you are a fan of LEDs, these fans really do the trick and when remembering the price, it will be feasible to fill a case with these if need be. Also, remembering that they come in both 120mm and 140mm means you should be able to get a complete matching set for most cases on the market.





When you have numerous LED fans at your disposal and are taking pics of them, what else better to do then stack them up and see if you can get some cool pics of the lighting effects. The below pics are nothing more than me playing around with the fans and stacking them on top of each other for fun. It is very unlikely that users will do this in their case, but what is the point in having LED fans if we can’t have some fun with them.





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