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To get the installation kicked off, users installing the H100i GTX on an Intel socket will want to locate the backplate and make sure the four legs, one in each corner, are in the correct position. This will depend on the socket type of the CPU that it is being installed on. Once the legs are in the correct position users can mount it on the backside of their motherboard.


To holdĀ the backplate in place, users will need to find the corresponding screws and screw them into each of the legs. Once this is done the mounting hardware is fully installed.


Now that the mounting hardware is in place, it is time to set the cooler atop the CPU and use the thumb screws to secure it to the rest of the mounting hardware. This is of course if you have left the pre-applied thermal paste on the cold plate.

The H100i GTX should not have any issues with RAM compatibility on most motherboards.


Installing the fans and radiator is as easy as locating the right screws and justĀ lining everything up with where you want to put it.

Please note that depending on the desired location you are installing the H100i GTX, you may want to install the radiator into the case first though this is not necessary.


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