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Corsair Link

Corsair link is the software that you can download and use with any of the “i” series products from Corsair. Link not only allows you to monitor your hardware, but it will also allow you to customize things such as LED’s if your product has them. You will also be able to set up profiles and change fan settings on things such as the H100i GTX I am taking a look at today.

As you will see below, the Corsair Link software will allow you to monitor just about anything you would need temperature wise. This will allow users to see if, or where the hot spots are in their case and adjust fans accordingly to produce more airflow and help cool critical components. While the Corsair Link software will not let your overclock your hardware, as you can see, it could become useful when check for overclocking stability.

While it may not be all picture below, there are numerous options inside the link software such as; system panel, fan control,  RGB LED control, groups, graph, power and even an options tab to make sure you have full control when you need it.

Corsair Link 1

Corsair Link 2

Corsair Link 3

Corsair Link 4

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