Corsair H80i CPU Cooler Review


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Starting off with the packaging, instantly there is a feel of a quality and premium look which certainly makes a good first impression ! The front of the box features the Corsair logo and a nice image of the H80i right in the middle. Below this, Corsair have highlighted some of the main features which include the Corsair Link and the fact it is compatible with most AMD and INTEL sockets will please many people!

Corsair H80i 1

The information found on the back of the box is a bit more technical which includes a direct performance comparison, the contents of the box and what processors/sockets it supports; all the required information to make an informed purchase.

Corsair H80i 3

On one side of the box Corsair were nice enough to include the dimensions of the unit so users can make sure it will fit where they intend to place it.

Corsair H80i 2

On what I would call the top is a brief overview and more details on some of the features including the Corsair Link which has been heavily pushed by Corsair over the past year.

Corsair H80i 4

Displayed on the bottom, we can see a full features list so we know exactly what to expect from the H80i; the features are displayed everywhere so very hard to miss.

Corsair H80i 5

Opening up the box and we are immediately greeted with a warranty information leaflet,  a quick start guide and a Corsair solutions guide.

Corsair H80i 6

After  removing the inserts and white foam, we are finally getting a bit closer to having our first look at the H80i itself.

Corsair H80i 7

Inside the box, aside from the cooler itself, there are 2 x 120mm fans, mounting brackets and screws for most Intel/AMD sockets.  Also included is a USB cable to take advantage of the Corsair Link software and a fan splitter that plugs directly into the pump itself; thus reducing the amount of fan headers on the motherboard user will need which is surely a positive right?

Corsair H80i 8



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