Cryorig H5 Universal CPU Cooler Review


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The performance of the H5 Universal is nothing short of spectacular and one must attribute it to the design, but we will go over that in just a moment. As far as air coolers go, the H5 Universal leads the pack for a single tower array with only one fan, both of the air coolers that fared better than the H5 in the testing so far in 2015 both were dual tower designs and featured 2x fans. Simply put, the H5 is a beast and considering it has an ultra slim 13mm fan pushing the air through it, this is quite the feat and nothing to bat an eyelash at. Straight cooling performance aside, the H5 also fairs quite well in noise output and found itself in the middle of our benchmark results. While it is definitely audible at full load, if it has to run at full speed for too long you most likely will have more issues to worry about besides a bit of fan noise.

The design of the H5 universal is probably one of my favourite I have come across in an air cooler. Not only is the design aesthetically pleasing, it offers great functionality and cooling performance. Is it the Hive Fin design? Or maybe the flat sides help direct air better? The nickel plated copper base and XT 140 may also be to blame for its amazing performance but at the end of the day what is important is that it is designed to perform as well as it looks and that it does, and it does it with ease. The white shroud that covers up the top of the cooler is also a nice touch, it gives it a clean and elegant look while remaining badass.

The value of this cooler is through the roof! £40 for an air cooler of this performance and aesthetics! Someone must have been crazy when they priced this thing but that is good for us, the consumers. Looking back at the performance results, more specifically the thermal ones and the H5 is the number one single tower cooler of 2015 here at Play3r and it only features a single 140mm fan that is 13mm wide.

When all is said and done at the end of the day the Cryorig H5 Universal is an amazing air cooler, not only does it perform well, it looks even better giving users the best of both worlds. If you got £40 and are looking for a cooler, this should definitely be on top of the list of coolers to check out.

I would like to thank Cryorig for sending the H5 Universal in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Amazing cooling ability from a single tower heatsink
– The XT140 fan provides ample airflow
– Unique Cryorig Hive Fin display allows for better cooling
– Designed to look as well as it performs


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