Cryorig M9i CPU Cooler Review 12

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Manufacturer: Cryorig
Model:  M9i
UK Price: Not Available (at time of review)
US Price: $21.49 (at time of review)

Part two of my mini-series delving into some of Cryorig’s range of coolers brings us to the M9 a fairly large but narrow cooler with a 90mm fan and three heat pipes. It is available in two variants, the M9i for Intel based CPUs and the M9a for those Team Red members and it’ll only fit on those flavour of chip so be wary when shopping that you get the right one.

As we read previously, it’s not really fair to say that Cryorig is newcomers to the cooling game even though the company only started in 2013 since they were building up to it for over a decade beforehand. The top dogs at Cryorig describe themselves as modders and overclockers so even though this particular cooler is one of their more modest offerings, at least when compared to the H5 Ultimate, I’m still expecting great things… but is that fair and am I hoping for too much? Time will tell. Here are the specifications for the M9 (I have the ‘i’ variant).



Dimension ( with fan ) L87 mm x W102 mm x H124.6 mm
Weight ( with fan ) 425 g
Weight ( without fan ) 345 g
Heat pipes 6mm heat pipe x 3 units
Fin T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 1.6 mm
Fin Pcs 40 pcs
Copper Base C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
RAM Height Limit Limitless
TDP 120 W
Dimension L92 mm x W92 mm x H25.4 mm
Weight 80 g
Rated Speed 600 ~ 2200 RPM ±10 %
Noise Level 26.4 dBA
Air Flow 48.4 CFM
Air Pressure 3.1 mmH2O
Ampere 0.11 A
 Keep on reading for a closer look at this cooler.
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