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Doing their best to live up to their desire to give us the best of all worlds, even the packaging the R1 universal comes in is of high quality. starting out with the front we can see the Cryorig logo in the top left, while down towards the middle of the box is a short description of the R1 and in the background is an image of the cooler itself.

Cryorig R1 Universal_2

On to one of the sides and there is a list of 3 of the main features and a short description of all of them.

Cryorig R1 Universal_3

Moving on to the back of the box and users will be able to get a full specifications list of the R1 Universal and both of the different fans it comes included with. This will of course allow users to make sure this cooler will be compatible with all their hardware and as it designed to be “Universal” we sure hope it is!

Cryorig R1 Universal_12

As far as mounting hardware, Cryorig have you covered. There are separate AMD and Intel backplates, retention clips to add a 2nd XF140 fan to the R1 Universal in place of the XT140, a fan splitter, thermal paste and all the screws needed to get everything installed. You will also find a screwdriver in the box that will help secure the cooler down in the final stage of installation.

Cryorig R1 Universal_11


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