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The performance of the Cryorig XT140 is quite good especially considering the fact it is a slim line fan. The XT140 wasn’t at the top of the list for airflow when being used at its full 12V but hopefully most users will not be using at full RPM and will be more likely to use it at a lower voltage such as 3.3V where the XT 140 reigns supreme. Not only did the XT 140 have the best airflow at low voltage, it also had a very low dB during both tests making it powerful and quiet, the best of both worlds when it comes to a fan if you ask me.

The design of the XT140 is also on point, featuring a mostly black and grey design it should easily fit in with a wide range of colour schemes users may have for their PC builds which always comes in handy. The fins of the fan are designed to offer maximum airflow and the outside of the frame along with the anti-vibration absorbers are also grooved so you can route the braided cable around the fan if need be instead of just having it out in the open of the case, something I personally would like to see more of. The XT140 is designed to perform as well as it looks and it does, it’s really as simple as that.

Coming in at around £13 these are definitely not the cheapest fans around but at the same time they seem to fall into their respective price range, at least in my opinion. Trying to put a value for money label on products can be tricky, especially when it comes to things such as fans as there are just so many, ranging from £2 to £20+. It really will all come down to personal preference but in the case of the XT140’s from the good folks over at Cryorig they offer great performance, are designed well and they are also slim line which is sure to come in handy for a lot of users to save space especially in smaller cases which for me, makes them a good value.

Overall the XT140 have a lot going for them and if you are looking to add a premium look and feel to your PC build and got the money to spend on some good fans they really shouldn’t let you down. Performance and design in a slim package will get my vote every time!

I would like to thank Cryorig for sending the XT140 fan in review and looking forward to seeing what they bring out in the future.


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