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Closer Look

Starting off with the packaging and immediately on the front, we get a nice image of what the actual fan controller will look like. It has a nice brushed aluminium frame surrounding the touch screen panel that will allow users to control up to 4 fans. Moving around to the back of the box and users will get a look at what the controller may look like installed in a case, they will also find the technical specifications and non-technical specifications here.

Element Gamign Touch fan Controller box front

Element Gamign Touch fan Controller box 2 side



The Four Channel Fan Controller is well packed and protected in the box, it comes in an anti-static package and is encased in styrofoam to protect it from getting damaged in transit.


Element Gamign Touch fan Controller inside box


Getting everything out of its packaging and there is not a whole lot to it. There is the fan controller itself, users guide and a few screws and sticky pads to make sure users can get this installed in their case with ease. The fan controller is designed to slot into any standard 5.25″ drive bay on your PC case and as such, installation will be rather easy.
Element Gamign Touch fan Controller box contents



The front of the controller has a nice look to it, as mentioned it has a brushed aluminium outside edge while the touch LCD display has a blue screen which will not only be easy to read, it should also add a nice touch to the aesthetics of most builds. However, in my opinion, it would be nice to see fan controllers make better use of RGB displays so users can match colours with the rest of their build.
Element Gamign Touch fan Controller front offElement Gamign Touch fan Controller


On the backside, there is not too much happening. The controller is powered by a single Molex connector and can control 4x 3 or 4 pin fans. As it is designed to control 4x fans, it also has 4x temperature sensors so users can more accurately monitor the temps in their case and adjust the individual fans accordingly.

Element Gamign Touch fan Controller back

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