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When all is said and done, a fan controller is a fan controller, is it not? Well, unfortunately, some are easier to use than others. How does the Element Gaming Four Channel Fan Controller stack up against the competition? Let’s find out!

The first thing I noticed was the fact that Element Gaming hadn’t bothered to give their fan controller a proper product name, they simply just called it the Four Channel Fan Controller, and at the end of the day, that is exactly what it is. This immediately raised some questions for me, if you can’t think of a name for your product, can it really be all that good?

In terms of performance, the Four Channel Fan Controller does allow users to control 4x fans and monitor temperatures in 4x locations, but not as easy as it should. While there were no issues with the monitoring of the temperatures, controlling the fans was a bit harder than it really needed to be. I seemed to have some issues properly selecting the fan so that I could use the up/down touches to control the RPM of the fans. When I could actually get the fan I wanted, selected, it did work seamlessly, but sometimes there was an issue it seemed in selecting fans.

The Design of the Four Channel Fan Controller was quite favourable as far as the aesthetics were concerned. I am a bit fan of brushed aluminium and blue does happen to be one of my favourite colours, so there were no issues with Element Gaming choices in that matter. However, as mentioned, it would be nice to see more companies make better use of RGB colour schemes which would make their products more appealing as users would be able to customize them to match the colour scheme of the rest of their build. As far as the technical side of design is considered, it seems to have been planned out well, it just doesn’t seem to operate quite as easily as I would have hoped.

When looking at the price tag of £30, if it performed as well as it looked, it would be more than deserving of this price tag. £30 is really not a lot of money when it comes to quality PC components and accessories and the Element Gaming Four Channel Fan Controller wants to be worthy of your hard earned cash, and it almost is.

I will not be giving any awards out for the Element Gaming Four Channel Fan Controller, but instead I will go over what I feel could have been done better. Firstly as mentioned RGB display, or, at least the option to choose from a few different colours on the display. Next up, I would love to see it become a “Six Channel” controller as most cases these days utilize more than 4x fans. Lastly, it needs to be a bit easier to use, one should not have to fiddle around with a fan controller, it should be as easy as selecting the fan then turning it up or down.

Do not let anything I have said today put you off from Element Gaming. They are a very new company which looks to be very promising and with all of our help, they should be a real contender in the near future.

I would like to thank Element Gaming for sending in their Four Channel Fan Controller for review and look forward to seeing what they will come out with next.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Great Aesthetics
– Easy installation


– Not the easiest fan controller to use
– Only controls up to 4x fans
– Just didn’t deliver

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