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Closer Look

Starting with the packaging for the Rev. 3 Tranquillo and users should be able to find out most of the information they need to help them come to an informed decision if this is the cooler for them or not. The box features a white background all the way around and in the foreground we have some images of the cooler as well as a full specifications and application lists.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _2 Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _12Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo packaging_1Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _13

Opening up the main box and users will be greeted with a small white box which includes all of the accessories and mounting hardware. As for the cooler, it is in a sort of blister packaging keeping it protected.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo packaging

Getting everything out of the accessories box and we can see all the mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel sockets, installation guide, 4x fan retention clips and a bag of screws, thermal paste and whatever else user will need to get the Rev. 3 Tranquillo installed atop their CPU.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _3

Getting our first glimpse at the cooler itself and it features a very simple single tower fin array which should offer a nice bit of cooling for our CPU.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _4

Looking down from the top and Gelid have decided to add the model name- Rev. 3 Tranquillo, to add a bit more appealing look to the top of the cooler rather than just leaving it bare aluminium.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _6

The Rev. 3 Tranquillo features a unique heat pipe constellation that allows it to offer great cooling performance. The 4 heatpipes come down to a copper baseplate which helps to dissipate the heat up and throughout the aluminium fins in the tower array to offer maximum cooling.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _9

While the Rev. 3 Tranquillo is capable of accommodating up to two fans, it only comes with one which is a silent 120mm fan that features the intelligent Gelid PWM control.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _5

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