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It is hard to judge the performance of a product when there are no benchmarks that can really be run on it, but for the sake of this review let’s give it a go. The SPEEDTOUCH 6 is designed to allow users to control and monitor up to 6x fans and adjust them accordingly, to either help add a bit of airflow into the case or turn the fans down to make them a bit more quiet. The SPEEDTOUCH 6 does a good job at this and there is no real lag from pressing the button to having the corresponding action happen. So in terms of performance, the SPEEDTOUCH 6 does what it should and does so without any delays so it performs as it should.

When it comes to the design of the SPEEDTOUCH 6 it is one that I favour quite a bit. I love the brushed aluminium look and the blue illuminated screen is definitely my cup of tea. The actual touch screen part itself is also laid out quite nice and while there is definitely a bit going on, it doesn’t seem overcrowded and cramped and seems to work very well. The only thing I would have like to of seen, or, actually, not of seen, is the outline on the touch screen where information will be displayed, when it is not in use or illuminated. It would have been amazing to only be able to see the illuminated parts of the screen but I know this just wasn’t feasible with the SPEEDTOUCH 6.

This is my first fan controller review so the money for value aspect is a bit tricky, though it always is. I feel the SPEEDTOUCH 6 is worth its price tag which is just over £30. The SPEEDTOUCH 6 not only allows users to monitor the speed of their fans and temperatures, but it also allows them to control the fans so they can get the exact performance they desire, whether it be better airflow or near silent operation. All in all I feel the SPEEDTOUCH 6 is a good investment for anyone with a few fans in their case.

I would like to thank GELID for sending the SEEDTOUCH 6 in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Control up to six fans from one simple interface
– Also monitors temperatures
– Aesthetically pleasing and will add to the overall look of the PC


– When not in use, can still see the outlines on the screen

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