ID-COOLING IS 40 and IS 60 CPU Cooler Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look – Is 40″]

Closer Look – IS 40

As with most ITX coolers, there is not a whole lot going on. They are designed to be small and efficient. The IS 40 only measures in at 45mm high and comes equipped with a 92mm fan to help dissipate the heat. As the fan is only 92mm, it offers up to 2500RPM which will make sure to help push a good amount of air through it, doing all it can to keep your CPU cool.



Looking closer at the heatsink of the IS 40, it features 3×Ф6mm direct touch heat pipes, which help move the heat from the CPU, up to the aluminium fin array where the fan can push the heat out.



As mentioned, the IS 40 has direct touch heat pipes which simply just means that they will touch the top of the CPU. This is said to help dissipate heat quicker which is always good, especially in smaller systems. The IS 40 has a max TDP of 95W which should be sufficient for most ITX builds and HTPC’s.



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