ID-COOLING IS 40 and IS 60 CPU Cooler Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look – Is 60″]

Closer Look – IS 60

The IS 60 is, as mentioned, the bigger of the two coolers on review here today. The Is 60 comes in at 55m high and features a 120mm to offer that bit of extra cooling where needed. As the cooler and fan are bigger, the max TDP for the Is 60 has been bumped up to 130W which will allow for it to cooler even more CPUs than that of the IS 40.


The IS 60 comes with 6×Ф6mm heat pipes to allow maximum cooling performance. Also, as the fan on the IS 60 is a bit bigger than that of the IS 40, it only has a RPM of 1600 as it will not need to try as hard to move air, thanks in part to its size.



the IS 60 features a copper base and aluminium fins. Thanks to its bigger size, ID-COOLING did not feel it necessary to have direct touch heat pipes on it. It definitely looks quite nice but will the performance live up to its looks?



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