ID COOLING NO 12025 Fan Review



The performance of the ID-COOLING NO-12025 fans is fairly average, which depending on the price tag, could be just fine. Looking back at the performance results and we can see they show up in the middle to low end of the results which depending on what you are looking for in a fan may be good for you. The noise output from the NO-12025 is not very loud and while they may not have been the number one result in airflow, they were not very far off which is good to see. In terms of all-around performance, they are a good choice offering good airflow and remaining quieter than other fans on the market.

The design aspect of the NO-12025 is quite nice and it is easy to tell a lot of thought went into it. The anti-vibration dampeners are a nice touch and it’s also nice to see they come in different colours depending on the exact model you get.  The fan blades are also specifically crafted and have a unique design to help them be less resistant and allow for the best airflow possible. Lastly, it is nice to see they come in different models allowing users to have more choices is also a plus in my book, especially when products come in a non-LED version and then also offer other models with different colour LEDs in them, nice touch!

The value the NO-12025 have to offer is quite exceptional, when you can find them in the UK they are around £5, or over in the states they come in around $8 which is great price for a fan performance and design. When it comes to fans I always feel a price can totally ruin them and in this case, the price is actually the best thing about the fans. With so many options out there in the market these days it is nice to see competitively priced products that are designed with quality in mind and offer good performance, making their value that much better.

I would like to thank ID-COOLING for sending the NO-12025 in for review and look forward to seeing what else they will come out with nice.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Anti-Vibration damperners pre-installed
– Nice to look at
– Different models available with different coloured LEDs


– Not Readily available in the UK
– Airflow could have been better

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