ID-COOLING SE 214X CPU Cooler Review


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When it comes to the performance of the SE 214X it was unfortunately not the best cooler we have tested. Looking back at the benchmark results and we can see that it was the worst single tower CPU cooler we have tested here at Play3r in 2015 but wait, don’t let that put you off just yet. While the performance may not have been the best, the cooler will look a bit more appealing when you have all the information, so don’t jump the gun just yet. One thing to mention is that when adding a second fan on the 214X the temperatures dropped by 2.5c on an overclocked 4770K which is always good to see.

Onto the design and while basic, it is fairly easy on the eyes. The heatsink itself is what we would expect from a standard heatsink featuring direct touch heat pipes. One thing I will say about the heatsink itself is where the heat pipes stick out of the top fin, ID-COOLING have done a decent job of making sure they are fairly uniform in shape and size, whereas some companies seem to totally overlook this part on cheaper coolers. The fan that comes included with the 214X helps to bring an overall aesthetically pleasing look to the whole ordeal. The red anti-vibration pads add a bit of flare to the black frame and while not overdone, they will allow users to colour coordinate the cooler with the rest of their build.


Value, this is probably the best thing about the SE 214X. Heading to some of the retailer websites over in the States and it comes in at around $35 which is a decent price. While the SE 214X may not have the best performance on the benchmarks, it is more than sufficient to cool a number of CPU’s and allow for users to gain a mild overclock without reaching dangerous temperatures. The SE 214X is designed to offer users a bit better performance than that of a stock cooler while definitely looking better and not breaking the bank.

Bronze Award – The SE 214X did not perform as well as I would have hoped but it still manage to pass our testing, even though just barely, which warrants it the Bronze Award.



I would like to thank ID-COOLING for sending the SE 214X in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Offers better cooling and looks over stock coolers
– Affordable price
– Easy installation


– Doesn’t offer the best cooling performance
– Not readily available in all demographics

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