Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler Review

Another D15 from Noctua? Well, the NH-D15S is designed to offer more support for those with tall RAM heatsinks among other things


[section_title title=Thermal Performance]

Thermal Performance

Thermal performance is judged on four factors overall; the idle temperature at stock and overclocked speeds, as well as the loaded temperatures at stock and loaded speeds. During the testing, whether that be the idle or loaded testing, the system is either in idle or full load for a duration of five minutes before any readings are taken. The average temperature across all four cores is then noted down and used as the results. All room temperatures are recorded beforehand as well as during the test to ensure that the delta temperature is as accurate as possible.

3.9GHz Delta Temps Idle

3.9GHz Delta Temps Load

4.5Hz Delta Temps Idle

4.5Hz Delta Temps Load



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