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When people hear Noctua, one of two things pops into their minds, it’s either the fact that Noctua is known to have some of the best performing products or their not always so favourable colour scheme they have become famous for on some of their fans. Not t0o long ago Noctua released a couple new lines of fans, the IndustrialPPC and the Redux lines of cooling fans. The unique things about these two lines is they broke Noctua’s own mould and changed the colour scheme they have previously been using, allowing consumers more colour options is always a good move and went over really well. Noctua is always looking to release new products for their consumers and while they may not release them on an as frequent basis as we may like, you can guarantee when they do they will be quality.

Today I will be taking a quick look at some of their newest fans. The NF-A4x10 5V which is a 40mm dedicated 5v fan and features a 6-year warranty. Next up we have the NV-A8 PWM/ULN/FLX fans which offer users different options in the 80mm range depending on their exact needs and lastly we have a couple new additions in 90mm sizes, the NF-A9 FLX/PWM which again offer users two different options for 90mm fans depending on their individual needs.

Before we get into a closer look at the fans themselves, let’s check out their specifications on the next page:


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