Noctua NH-D9L CPU Cooler Review 2

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Noctua is certainly a company that doesn’t need any introduction in the PC hardware world, but what kind of review would this be if I didn’t mention a little something about them. Over the years, Noctua has become a household name and most people will know them for one of two reasons, or maybe both. Those familiar with Noctua will instantly think of great performance, or, their unique colour scheme they have used on their fans for years, either way, Noctua is sure to have left their mark in the industry with no signs of falling back anytime soon.

Noctua products are available in no less than 30 countries at the time of this review and as such it has allowed them to win over 3,000 awards from review sites, magazines, design companies and more. In 2014, Noctua introduced the NH-D15 monster cooler and a couple of new series of fans, the redux and industrialPPC. These new series of fans strayed from the norm that is Noctua and offered consumers two new colour schemes, which, of course, was an extremely big hit.

Today, however, I will be taking a look at the NH-D9L CPU Cooler which coming in at a height of only 110mm, is designed to be fully 3U compatible and makes it an ideal cooler for HTPCs or any computer where a lower profile cooler is necessary. The NH-D9L is a dual tower cooler with native support for two fans¬†though if you’re crafty it is easy enough to add a third NF-A9 fan onto it giving it even better performance.

If you are interested in seeing an unboxing of the NH-D9L, please watch the video below:

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