NZXT Kraken X41 AIO CPU Cooler Review

Release the Kraken!


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When it comes to the performance of the Kraken X4, it is fairly good but I do feel there is a bit of room for improvement. As far as AIO coolers go, the X41 falls into its respective place but when comparing to the AIR coolers currently on the market, we sometimes find the AIR coolers beating out some of the AIO coolers which includes the X41.

The original idea behind AIO coolers was to offer users the cooling performance of a liquid cooler, within a sealed unit, so there would be no maintenance and that the installation would only require it being mounted rather than put together. AIO coolers were supposed to be the kings of cooling world unless users decided to go for a fully customized water-loop. However, with some people still being scared of adding water of any sorts into their PC, companies have also been forced to make better-performing air coolers, which they have.

Looking back at the benchmarks and as mentioned, the X41 falls right into the mix where we would expect it in terms of AIO Coolers. The performance gain from having that extra 24% thicker radiator over the X40 has definitely proven to be well worth it. Couple that with the updated FX140 V2 140mm cooling fan and there is some good cooling performance on offer with the X41. I would love to see NZXT offer up a version that comes with two fans and while it would definitely be quite bulky, I have a feeling the performance gains would more than make up for it.

Combined X41 X61 Photo Build.2

Moving onto the design and it is definitely aesthetically pleasing as far as AIO coolers go. The radiator is extra thick which I think looks nice, coupled with the FX140 V2 140mm cooling fan it looks big and beastly which is something I like to see personally. Moving down to the pump and it features a nice NZXT logo and some circular design that are not only illuminated but can have their HUE changed thanks to the CAM software that is easily downloadable. The tubes that connected the pump to the radiator are a nice flat rubber instead of being rigid which is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser.

The X41 was the first AIO cooler to feature a variable speed pump that allows it to help reduce its noise without sacrificing performance, depending on the user’s specific needs at the time. The X41 also features a 24% thicker radiator and offers 36% more surface area over the normal 120mm AIO coolers. NZXT have also gone and extended the length of the tubing to 16″ so it will be compatible with more cases.

The price of the X41 comes in around £70 or so here in the UK. As for the value aspect, well, it is OK in terms or value for money. AIO coolers are a bit more expensive than air coolers and rightly so. The X41 offers good performance in a nice package and while I would love to see it at a bit better price point, it does fall nicely into its given price range. For the price, you could definitely do worse and in saying that, the X41 also beats out a few AIO coolers that cost a bit more.

When all is said and done the X41 is definitely a viable option into the AIO cooler world, it offers good performance in an aesthetically pleasing package and won’t break the bank. If you are looking for a nice AIO cooler the X41 may very well be the one for you, especially if you are looking to match it up with a NZXT case of sorts.

  • Silver Award – The NZXT Kraken X41 is a good all around AIO and one of the few 140mm variants available on the market. Unfortunately, the X41 was out performed by similar coolers and there out of the box configurations, earning it our silver award.


I would like to thank NZXT for sending the X41 in for review and look forward to seeing what they release in the future.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– 24% thicker radiator over the X40
– 36% more surface area over 120mm AIO coolers
– Good cooling performance
– Cam software is easy to use
– 6 year warranty


– Only comes with one fan

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