Phanteks PH-TC14S and PH-TC12LS CPU Coolers Review


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Looking at the boxes and Phanteks have done a great job of making sure people looking to potentially buy one of these coolers will have enough information to hand to make an informed decision about whether or not these coolers will be right for them or not. The outside of the box contains a full specifications list, information about the mounting system, fan details and more.

Phanteks TC14S CPU Cooler_3 Phanteks TC14S CPU Cooler_8Phanteks TC14S CPU Cooler_6

Opening up the box reveals the cooler and another small box that includes all the mounting hardware and installation guides.

Phanteks TC14S CPU Cooler_4

In the accessories box users will find a few different installation guides in various languages and all the hardware needed to install this cooler on a number of AMD and Intel CPU sockets including some nice thermal paste to get you started.

Phanteks TC14S CPU Cooler_5



As we saw on the TC14S box, Phanteks do a great job of making sure users will have all the information they need to hand when considering their products. The outside of the box contains all the information needed to make an informed decision on whether or not this cooler will be a perfect match for the rest of your build. Having a quick look around and users will easily find a full specifications list and other relevant information on the TC12LS.

Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_31Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_71Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_111 Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_21

Getting everything out of the box and we can see the various installation manuals in different languages as well as all of the mounting hardware so users can get the TC12LS installed on top of their CPU as quick and easy as possible.

Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler1

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